Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 years later...

Hello All... It seems like I should write a letter of love and forgiveness for it being TWO years since I have written anything at all but at the same time, what is facebook for other than being voyeuristic and reading about every one's lives? 
Hannah started first grade and I started teaching third grade English language design.  We both are surviving somewhat in tact. ;) 
Jason is now working in electronic monitoring and seems to like it kind of most days. I think I will try to keep this up more, so we will see. 
Lots of love, Erin

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jason is 40!

I can't believe that the young man I met at 15 is now 40! ?! What happened to the time!? We had a nice birthday morning. Jason had meetings at church so we got up early to do presents. He got a new work hat, Toy Story walkie talkies, and some bbq stuff. It was a nice relaxing birthday... if I do say so myself! :) For dinner we had some homemade (not by me) potpie and rolls from Croshaw's Pies and then the most delicious lemon cheese cake from Croshaw's. OH MY! Delish! So, happy birthday Jason! I am so glad to have known you for allllll these years. You keep life interestingly good! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

One more thing...

Watch out! Abby is coming to getcha!

I feel as though, and it is true, that I haven't blogged in forever... I kinda almost miss it. I was just reading various anonymous people's blogs and thought of how much I love reading their lives. Not that mine is bad by any means matter of fact its pretty enjoyable, but just how much I love reading other people's adventures. Just fun to hear.

Well, about our adventures (if you want to think of them that way... it makes me happy)

Hannah and I went for a few days to Flagstaff to just play in the mountains with Emmy and Christopher. It was sooooo nice. Just relaxing and fun. We went to the park, hiked (which the kids ended up hating but still fun-ish), went to a concert and saw the Wicked Tinkers, and just enjoyed playing. It was the best.

Went on a "go see family" adventure to Utah and Vegas. It was the greatest to go spend actual time with family. I do so love my family. I may not do long conversations, visits or even hugs but I do just love them. Such good people. We were gone for 8 days and that was long but it was just nice.

Great Grandpa fun!

Great Grandma fun!
Pretend it's the right way... Cousins at the Secret Garden at the Mirage
Cousins! Our first Miller family reunion. I don't think I have seen some of my cousins in 20 years... I know I am old (as I was told often that evening ;0 ). It was just the best day ever! I loved it.

School has started. Yay!? But really, it has been a good start with some fun children. I think I will enjoy the year with them. I am still half time, which is the greatest gig in the world for me. I am to that point in my life that I don't resent working instead of staying home with my little miss. For the first years I would weep, lament and just be upset at times that I wasn't staying at home with my only baby. Although Jason was home with her when I wasn't or gma or another "close family friend" which should almost be considered family. It was my guilt, I suppose not that the situation was not working. If any of that makes sense. But this year Hannah was pretty much, "Have a great time at school Mom!" with a big smile. I left ready to go have a great time with the children. It was happy. Also, I still get to teach with my good friend! That also makes me glad.

Oh and our lovely red canoe broke. It has a long crack in it that I just don't think will get fixed. In Hannah's own words, " We are ticked off about the canoe breaking." That made me laugh.

Just one more funny... Today in sharing time (the part in primary when all the children are together and give little talks and such) one child was missing for the prayer. Aimee, who is conducting, looks over and notices Hannah sitting on the chair for the prayer. I think she would have given a talk if it was an option but ... So, Aimee announces Hannah for the prayer. I looked over surprised. "Did you ask her? " I ask Aimee. "No, I thought you did. "
So Hannah put her self in charge of making sure all the assignments were covered and said a nice little prayer in primary. On the way home I asked why she wanted to get up and say the prayer. "Well, Mom, I really like microphones." Yep. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We LIIIIVEEE... or something like that...

Well, helloooo blog world! It has been months, literally, since I have written. And, since this was originally meant to keep family and us updated on our lives… I guess I should update. :)
Pictures will follow at a later post…

April… Jason had surgery for a mass on his kidney. Originally we were told ½ to his whole kidney would be removed. Surgery went great. He kept basically his whole kidney and the surgeon felt like things went great. He spent Thurs. to Sat. in hospital.
And then, yes there is always a “and then” on the following Tuesday he started having back pain. It continued to get worse. Friday he went in for a CT scan and was admitted that morning to the hospital for blood clots in both lungs. He spent almost 2 weeks back in the hospital getting his medication levels level and all that good stuff. It was a stressful time but at the same time we were so blessed. Family and friends helped out with things at home so willingly. Hannah was a good sport and rolled with going everywhere but home some days. My dad came for a visit and I was so grateful since it was the first time I really slept in days. Things were a lot less chaotic than I would have expected. The Lord really watched over us. As of now, July 20, 2010, Jason is good and recovered. Just grateful for those miracles.

Hannah and I also took a “farm class” at Superstition Farms. Loved it!!! It was a lot of fun.

May… I don’t remember May. School got done. Hannah had a super cute program at school that was just darling. And, that’s all I remember.

· Cousin Jordan’s wedding. It was on the beach, kind of, and just lovely. It was fun. Hannah loved taking photos. Will post those later, too.
· Ice Cream class from the farm. It was fun too. Hannah loves Farmer Casey, A LOT.
· Swim lessons! Hannah had a swimming epiphany. She loves to swim now. Pre epiphany, I was really worried that someone would hear her screaming in the pool and call 9-1-1. We went to Miss Nancy who worked wonders with Hannah.
· My mom also came for a week which was just lovely and wonderful.
· Hannah turned 4! Holy cow! The day before we went to Jump and Shout with a few friends to celebrate her birthday. Had a great time. We told her that was her birthday party. The day of her birthday she woke up, sang to her, and announced she could not be four because she was not having a party at the “bouncy place” aka Jump and Shout. Well, unbeknownst to Hannah, a surprise party was just around the corner. We headed over to Christopher’s house around 3ish and lo and behold! Friends and family abounded ready to yell SURPRISE! It was so much fun! We had water gun fights, bouncy beach balls, and sword fights. All her favorite things. :) Hannah had such a great time! And, was able to turn 4 since she had her party. J:)· We went to Tucson for one day with my mom looking for a potential house for my mom and dad. It was fun to go look around and ate at Mi Nidito, a great Mexican food eatery.
· Fun movie days at Harkins. Yay!
July… 4th of July was nice and relaxing. Swam, barbequed, and just enjoyed hanging with friends.
· Hannah, Christopher, Emmy and I headed up to Flagstaff. Oh, Flagstaff how I love thee so. It was so cool, relaxing and just nice. We went to the park, hiked, got turned around on the hike, played outside, and saw a great concert by my new favs, The Wicked Tinkers. Just a great time.
I think that almost catches us up. I am sure there is a lot that I missed but it’s a start. ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Whoa! Whatta Week!

Although this last week was a bit stressful at school getting the crazy AIMS, state testing for all those not lucky enought to know about the AIMS, test all ready for teachers and students. I must say I had some pretty funny-ish questions, my favorite quote being "Where do I put the labels for the kids?" Me: "Where it says, 'place label here'" Teacher: "Oh, I was wondering what that was for." I guess it goes to show we all lose our minds when stress kicks in! ;) I know mine was G-O-N-E gone when all I could say to Hannah's preschool teacher calling with some great news about the other teacher was, "So, no summer school?" Really with it! And, crashed out at~7:45 on the couch watching a movie with Jason. Quite the busy week. :)

But on to the week... ta da!
Wed. was a fun morning since we celebrated Hannah's "almost" bday at school. Her birthday isn't until June but since no summer school, we celebrated on Wednesday. I made a collage poster from Costco, thank you again for a great product at a low price, and framed it for her to take in. Hannah also picked out snack for that day which was "banilla" cookies, or oreos, and mandarin oranges. It was just fun to get ready for the day and celebrate Hannah! Jason was the narrator of her life story and he did a lovely job. Hannah was just so pleased to have both of us there that she just kept running up and hugging us both. I was just so pleased to be her mom.
Afterwards, we headed off to Hannah's favorite lunch spot...Peter Piper Pizza. Not that she eats her pizza or anything, but it's all about the games. :)
Just as a fun side note... one of my sweet students when I told them it was Hannah's almost bday sent a gift and darling, sweet card home for Hannah's almost bday. Just tooo sweet. Our principal, who makes me laugh when she says Hannah talks like a little 30 year old with her "actually", "according to" and other funny, cute statements followed by "honey", gave her a bday pencil. Such a lucky girl! :)

Hannah also dressed up as Jessie the Cowboy girl and Christopher dressed up as Buzz and had a Toy Story day. Just cute to see the both of them. :)
Saturday was fun and very enjoyable. The weather was just bright and sunny and it was wonderful to be outside over the weekend.

Saturday was a Chalk Festival at San Tan Village. It was entertaining to watch some of the artists create their art masterpieces. The kids were able to then draw and decorate their own square. It was fun to watch them draw and create things. Hannah was more like "I can't believe I am allowed to color on the street!" In and Out Burger for lunch and a great nap rounded out the day.

Sunday was also fun. Hannah loves singing in primary and although she doesn't really sit still she is learning and singing along. :) It was my first Sunday to conduct in primary. I flubbed things a bit but almost made up for it in the second half of primary. Sorry again to Maxine for not figuring out the microphone for her talk. :)